x11vnc on Ubuntu 10.04

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I wanted to create a virtual machine, serving as a kind of "Terminal server" for Linux. By the way: NeatX was not an option here, i would have preferred it. After several tests, trying to implement a stable x11vnc installation on Ubuntu 10.04, the installation was redone completely on a fresh virtual machine, using Ubuntu server instead of workstation. By default, Ubuntu Desktop installs too many unneeded packages by default, the server gives a more slim approach. This description gives a stable, secure multi user access via VNC.

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Sections with icons in Drupal 6


Some articles, for example a TODO list entries, require a section, or scope, so the nodes can be sorted by section, and also an icon can be added to put a visual status to the node. This story briefly describes how to accomplish this. To reach the goal, at least the following modules are needed:

  • Image Field
  • Node Reference
  • Image Cache
  • Lightbox (not mandatory)

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